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When Is The BEST Time To Start A Fitness Program?

If you’re wondering when the best time to start a fitness program is, the answer is pretty easy:
Right now.
In the next hour…tomorrow…the next day.
There is no better time to start a new workout program than right now. Just ask some of my clients.
In order to make positive changes in your body, you need to take the first step and start making the changes you need to so you can be successful.
It could be going for a 10 minute walk…walking up and down your stairs…or lifting soup cans or gallons of milk (if you don’t have weights).
You just need to start moving. The more you move, the better the results you will see.
Before you start a workout, it’s important to know if you’re healthy enough for exercise.
This is when you consult a doctor to determine your current health status, and if an exercise program would be right for you.
Once you’re cleared…you can start exercising. But you don’t want to go too hard when starting out.
In fact, you want to start off nice and slow, and as gradual as possible. If you’re completely new to exercise, or you’re coming off an injury, you should start with just one day each week.
This will get you used to exercise, and you can see how your body reacts, and adjusts to the increase in activity.
As you get used to the program, and how it impacts your body, then you can add another day to the mix.
This gradual change in your workout will allow you to get stronger, without increasing the risk for injury.
So…if you’re curious to know when the best time to start a workout is, the answer is:
There is no better time than the present to get moving in the right direction.

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